Eva Afentouli

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”, Bhagavat Gita.

I was born in 15 February 1976 in Germany, raised in Thessaloniki. I live in Athens since 2010 and I’ve recently moved to Piraeus.

I have started my practice in yoga almost nine years ago in Thessaloniki, as a student of Despoina Chatzisava who helped me, with her love, to discover what was yoga for me.

At first my practice was concentrated on my body which had many energy gaps that interpreted into pain and inflexibilities.

In practice, I was fascinated by the feeling afterwards that expanded beneath the body. The calmness, the relief, the mind expansion, the realization of power and of breath.

Through my inner search and study, the knowledge of energy paths came in my way by studying books and following seminars, so I started to “translate” what I was experiencing.

Meanwhile I came in Athens where I continued my practice having the luck to meet and be inspired by teachers with love for their work (Thomi Lada, Lito Doumoura, Anastasia Loukopoulou) and everything started to get on track.

At the summer of 2014 I felt the need to go into even greater depths. So, I was lead to the training course of 200+ hours of Yoga House with the traditionally inspired teacher Christos Charikiopoulos, which I started on November 2014 and completed on June 2015.

A journey of life that will always keep a precious place in my heart.
Even though a typical widespread image to the west world is bringing the leg behind the head, this might be the last thing that yoga is. We start by whatever point we are at the time. Our body and organism benefit through the holistic approach offered and we learn to handle differently our stress and our everyday life.

During our path, our body can be our guide in order to get to know our self more deeply. Our breath can be our cure. The exercise of observing and accepting what is happening, just the way it is, can be our anchor of the present, experiencing each moment with knowledge.
“You realize that you always had something great in you and you didn’t know it” as Paramahansa Yogananda says.

So, everything is Yoga.

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