With love and care, we created Body & Soul Therapy, a “sanctuary” in which you can return every time you feel the need to release the accumulated tension of daily life. Our partners are carefully selected for their experience and eager to provide the care and balance you need. All of us in Ayama Yoga House recognise that “the body is the temple of the soul”.

Every Friday

14.30 – 20.30

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The body speaks … of what the soul keeps silent.


Every human possess the power of self-healing, the power to heal ourselves. The key lies in recognising and understanding the bio-energy life provides. Various psychosomatic causes are likely to impede the smooth flow of this energy, resulting in experiencing this involvement with some pain, ailment or a symptom in the body. However most of them can be reversed with the proper treatment and our intention to change whatever brought us to this position. Since ancient times, healing massage has been considered one of the most intimate and valuable ways to help the body release the accumulated negative energy.

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Shiatsu (Ολιστική μάλαξη)

Shiatsu, means finger pressure and it’s a form of treatment based on the principles of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It helps in blood circulation, Qi energy, balances and releases body tension. It is suitable for all pathologies as it aims at the psychosomatic balance of the individual. It is mainly indicated for musculoskeletal disorders, headaches, migraine, insomnia, sports injuries, digestive disorders, fatigue, gynecological issues and more.

Duration : 75 minutes 50 € + VAT


Thai massage

Thai Massage is an ancient healing practice. It combines static and dynamic massage techniques, osteopathy and energy therapy elements. It relaxes the nervous and muscular systems, thereby providing physical and psychological relief. In a Thai Yoga Massage session we help the body activate the natural mechanisms of self-healing and strengthen it. It is made on a special mattress on the ground and the receiver is dressed in comfortable clothes.

Duration : 75 minutes 45€ + VAT



Medium pressure and regular rate, we use essential oils and oil.
It helps to relax the body, release tensions, toxins, provide stimulation and deep therapeutic rejuvenation. Applies to the whole body or focuses in a specific area Neck, Back, Feet, to ease the tension

Διάρκεια1 hour 35€ + VAT


Deep tissue (Μασάζ βαθέως ιστού)

A type of massage that focuses on those deeper muscle groups, that are usually very difficult for a therapist to approach with conventional massage techniques.

Duration : 1 hour 35€ + VAT


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