Seminar: Vinyasa Flow & Organic Movement

In this training seminar we approach the artistic creation and expression of the Self through the practice of Yoga. We connect images, music, speech, into the flow of asanas.


Seminars & workshops for developing your personal or teaching skills.

Transform your Body, Mind and your Life

At Yoga House we teach different styles of Yoga for all levels (Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Restorative & Gentle yoga, Yin yoga) as well as more dynamic classes (Vinyasa Flow, Surya & Chandra Flow, Sampoorna yoga). We also provide Prenatal and Post natal classes.

Whatever class you choose, whatever particularity you might have at the time, here you will find a practice offering you the precious balance you seek and respect in order to exist in your own space. Our belief is that body posture/Asana is a way of living and it starts from Breathing. We know that behind every physical practice in yoga there is a philosophy that leads to “Know Thyself” so we focus on deepening into both levels. Join us to travel together in one of the most beautiful paths of life!


Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours

250 hours teacher training

Foundational Yoga Teachers Training 250 hours RYS-200 registered in Yoga Alliance

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours

300 hours teacher training

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 300 hours RYS-300, registered in Yoga Alliance ©.

Σεμινάρια Περιγεννητικής Yoga Αθήνα

Prenatal Yoga

Integrated teacher training in Perinatal Yoga combined with practical training.

NLP – Life Coaching


Seminars and training on Neuro Linguistic Programmation, the fullest system for personal development


I believe words are not enough! I am so glad because through yoga practice I’ve changed the way I see things around me and I feel at peace with myself, both spiritually and physically Despina

Yoga was one of the missing pieces of my life’s puzzle. Thank you very much! Dimitris

Yoga has changed my life! Thank you! Eleni

Even though I’ve just had 7 lessons at school, I can say that my previous view of yoga has already changed. I’ve seen that eventually my body remembers and all you have to do is find the right people to teach you Artemis

It’s the first time after many years that I’m doing something for myself. I call it as “mild practice” but it’s much more than that. I’d like to keep up! Eleonora

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